Sunday, July 15, 2012

Turning 34

I can't believe another year is already over. I remember clearly last summer turning 33, the year I was having 3 babies. The year of three's! And it was the best year of my life. Also, the toughest. There were so many ups and downs and what ifs, but wow, here I am, I survived to see 34 years old and am the mother of three beautiful babies. Every year of my life things get better and better. There were a couple years there after we lost my dad that I was unsure how everything would turn out. Luckily, thanks to my husband, to my friends and to my mother, I was able to bounce back and keep reaching toward my dreams. Every year I learn something new, and I learn something about myself. I remind myself every day that no one is guaranteed tomorrow. I watched my dad lose his life over a period of 4 months, I almost lost Jolynne more than once, before she was born and three days after she was born. And I just saw my 25 year old nanny diagnosed with Leukemia overnight. So, this year I have a lot to celebrate, the fact that I get the chance to be 34 years old, the fact the I get to be a mommy to my 3 babies, and the fact that I have such a supporting and loving husband as my partner through it all. I look forward to see what 34 has in store for me and my family. Thanks be to God for all my blessings and this wonderful life.

My birthday week started on Saturday, the 7th. I went and bought myself an early birthday present, a new tattoo in honor of Georgia, Jolynne and Mickey.

Starting Tuesday, I came home every night to a new gift waiting for me. My favorite wine, Cabernet Franc, a mixed CD of my favorite songs, a very meaningful book, and on Friday more wine!....and a beautiful chain to wear my babies birthstone on (the last one broke). I can't forget the birthday card from my babies that was handmade (sorta). By the way, this is exactly how he got me to fall in love with him in the first place, wine, music, jewelry and customized hallmark cards.

On Friday, the babies came to visit me at the office! They were a huge hit with our new training class and they only spit up on a couple people, not to bad! In this picture, John, was recruited to help feed the babies. Luckily, he has lots of experience with this!

The babies decided to have a slumber party at Nana's so mommy and daddy could go out to dinner to celebrate. What a great time we had just the two of us, like old times, but weird coming home to a  quiet house.

We spent Saturday at my moms house and the babies had a blast, big surprise!

Georgia's many faces. I wonder what they all mean?

Mr. Personality

Jo made a new friend, which is a lot easier for her now that's she scoots right up to whatever she feels like, so when she went to say hi to Sooner, she was greeted with kisses!

All the babies managed to play together without trying to steal the others toys, for at least a few minutes anyway. Yes, when I say play, I mean chew, that's all they do - everything in the mouth!

Finally, Georgia helps mommy blow out the birthday candles! Too bad they were trick candles so I needed a lot more help than Georgia. Thanks to Nana for that one!