Sunday, November 3, 2013

Two Year Old Triplets

Georgia Dawn   
Born: 2lbs 9oz. and 15 inches long 
2 yrs: 32lbs 2oz. and 31 inches long

Jolynne Marie 
Born: 2lbs 6oz. and 14 inches long
2 yrs: 31lbs 2oz. and 31 inches long

Mickey Aaron 
Born: 2lbs 11oz. and 15.5 inches long
2 yrs: 28lbs 8oz. and 32 inches long

Well, it happened. My babies are officially two years old. Everyone was right, they really do grow so fast. Their birthday was such a special day filled with love, laughter and chocolate! The day started with the annual walk to defeat ALS, in memory of their Papa. Then we ended the day with a costume birthday party. I don't think we have ever had that many people in this house. I was going non stop and I know I didn't get to visit with everyone the way I would have liked to but I felt like I was running in circles trying to remember everything. Even still, I forgot some things, like to hand out party favor bags to the kids. My husband and I joke that we are so bad at throwing kids birthday party's. Last year I took both sets of keys to their party in Queen Creek so guess who was without a ride to their own party? My babies. Someday we will figure it out though. I made all the food myself this time. Thank you Pinterest! There was a pumpkin cheese ball, pumpkin dip inside a carved pumpkin, and spooky spider taco dip. Yum. I'm glad I got a bite or two in before it was gone. I made smores cupcakes, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and chocolate pumpkin kiss cookies. The babies (toddlers) did great. They were a little shy at first but warmed up after after a few minutes as usual. Opening presents was interesting. They were so overwhelmed. I could not keep their focus. Once the first toy was unwrapped they were obsessed with it. It was so much fun though!

On Monday we had their two year check ups. Overall everyone is doing fantastic. All my babies are a little on the short side though. Less than 3 percentile for their height. The doctor said it could be just them and they will grow later. She also said sometimes preemies just turn out shorter. Their weights are so good, otherwise she said it would be considered failure to thrive. They are chunky monkeys. 95th percentile for weights on the girls.  We are going to take them back in 6 months to see if they have grown. If not, they can run some tests to see if there is something contributing to why they are not growing in length.  We were also told to stop giving them juice because it is too much sugar and stay away from carbs. Its tough because we were giving them a lot of fish sticks and chicken nuggets, grilled cheese. You know the easy stuff to make after a long day at work but also not very healthy. The doctor told us to feed them whatever we eat and we did not think that would be a problem since they don't seem like picky eaters. We were wrong. Every night this week we have given them what we eat and they are not eating it. They are hiding it in the sides of their high chairs, throwing it on the floor for Pepper to eat. Even putting it in their mouths and spitting it out. She told us not to make special meals for them though so if they don't eat it, that's all they get. If they are really hungry, they will eat she says. And Georgia does, even though she doesn't like it, she will slowly eat all her food with a grimace on her face. That girl loves to eat.

Mickey is still sounding wheezy when he exerts himself, so we are using these breathing treatments twice a day to get through the flu season. Its preventative so that if he does get sick hopefully it won't be as bad. Of course two days after their check up he somehow got an ear infection but luckily that's all. Mickey and Georgia have to go back to the cardiologist to check their hearts as a follow up. I am confidant all will be ok there. We also have to follow up with Jolynne's surgeon to make sure she hasn't developed a hernia or anything where she had her surgery. I am confidant that will be fine as well.

Last but not least we need to have them evaluated for their speech. I am fairly certain they are delayed in this area, especially Mickey but all of them to some extent. The girls can say about twenty or so words and they repeat after us but they are not putting words together. I don't think Mickey has twenty words. They may just need a little help and I am ok with that.

These days they are really starting to show more and more of their personalities. Georgia is a bit of a drama queen. She is very sensitive and gets upset easily and pouts and wants to be held over the tiniest of things. I secretly love to hold her though and make it all better. Although we do not baby any of them. Sometimes they have to get over it without us. Mickey is a big goof ball. He is so silly and loves attention. He will do anything for applause. Jolynne is one tough cookie. She doesn't even seem phased when she gets hurt sometimes. She will hold back the tears. She also is an explorer. I will find her crawling underneath tables and finding the littlest piece of fuzz or random things on the floor. I don't know how she sees them. Someday I swear she is going to bring me a spider or a dead rat and I am going to scream!

We started potty training  and Jolynne is doing really well with that. She goes every time. Mickey goes at least once a day and Georgia hardly at all. We are not rushing it though. Just getting them familiar with what it is at this point. I am guessing we will switch to toddler beds when we move. That makes sense to me. Another few months. It would be tough to do in their room now. The closet is open and only covered by curtains so i imagine myself walking in their room in the morning and finding all their clothes off the hangers and on the floors.

We are able to do more stuff with them now that it is not so hot. Mickey will still run off so we have to be careful. The wagon is getting so heavy to pull as you can imagine. I look forward to the day when they stick close by us and we don't have to worry about them running off and chasing them. Until then we will have to keep using the wagon.

Every day I think the babies say new words and learn new things. They are starting to recognize characters now, like when they see Elmo they say, "Melmo!" Or when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on they say "toodle". It is so stinking cute.They understand everything we say too so we have to be so careful. I love cuddling with them at night before they go to bed and reading them stories. I love coming home from work to three little two year olds and watching them fight over me. Well, I don't like watching them fight but it is kinda cute when they all try to get on my lap at the same time. The girls  are very possessive and very competitive with each other. Sometimes at night I sit back and just watch them and I still can't believe they are mine and this is happening to me. This beautiful family my husband and I have created. No, its not always easy, its really hard some days, but man I wouldn't change it for the world. There were so many times we didn't know if we would ever have all three home, if they would make it, and now they are so happy and healthy. Each of them so special and unique in their own ways. They may be triplets but they are not all the same. I can't imagine not having all three of them here and I realize it could have gone either way, especially for Jolynne. So, how fitting to move from their birthday month, and celebrating their life, into the month of Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.




PS: The number of pictures of each child depicts the level of cooperation while taking pictures :-)