Monday, September 21, 2015

Highlights of Year Three

Its a rainy Monday morning in September and I just dropped my kids off at school for "Pajama Day". They couldn't wait to get to school and show Ms. Terrie their Pj's. I come home to a quiet house and this weather makes me really want to crawl in bed but I have little time to write as you know, so I poured myself a second cup of coffee and here I sit thinking of the three precious faces I just dropped off.

I realize the last several posts from me have touched on a lot of the challenges we have on a day to day basis raising triplets, but I want to make sure I also capture all the joys in detail. The little things that happen in between or simultaneously with the challenges that light up our lives. Sometimes I need to vent about the hard stuff but sometimes its better to focus on the good stuff and that is what I am trying to do. Not ignore when I'm feeling beat up as a mom but also remember to be present.

This year I've seen the kids grow more than ever. Before my eyes they have grown out of the baby stage into the little kid stage. Sometimes it makes me sad because I loved the baby stage, even with the sleepless nights and poopy diapers. I just loved it. But it also makes me happy to see the little people they are becoming (when they are not fighting). Last year around this time they could speak two or three words at a time. Its crazy to think I was worried about their speech. Now they speak in full sentences and don't stop talking. We watched Cinderella the other day and they were asking questions so fast I didn't have time to answer and they all had different questions! After the movie was over they started reenacting it, they would pretend Mickey was the prince and the girls were chasing him around the house and fighting over who gets to dance with him. Mickey has become so aware of his surroundings. When we are driving places he will say, that is where is school is, or there is our church street, or the gym is that way. He could totally be my navigator. I may never be lost again with my little man in the car. He also sees a sign with a picture and thinks its  a street. So its may be bird street, or Elmo street, or circus street or airplane. Its really adorable.

Both Mickey and Georgia are very affectionate and will tell me they love me or Georgia likes to say we are best friends. I don't think there are any sweeter words in the world than loving words from my children. Jolynne is a little more complicated. She is very picky about when she gives affection and she doesn't like to say I love you. It will be interesting to see how she deals with her emotions as she gets older.

In the Spring, all of the kids graduated into big kid beds. Mickey was happy to have a bed like mommy and daddy and the girls got beautiful bunk beds which they call their castle. We had to decide whether to get twin beds or bunk beds and whether or not to separate the girls. Ultimately we decided they can stay together for awhile, which given how scared JoJo gets in the middle of the night, I think it was the right choice. She doesn't like to be alone. Twin beds would have taken up the whole room so we opted for the bunk beds. When I saw it put together I was immediately concerned about them being on the top bunk. I didn't think they were ready. Lucky for me the girls would rather sleep together on the bottom anyway, so we lucked out with that one. They are so cute cuddling together at night and this probably sounds stupid but I cant help but imagine them as babies still in my belly doing the same thing.

We had lots of fun visits from family this year. Grandpa, Grandma Lou and Aunt Ryan came to see them. Ryan stayed for a week with us by herself and until Tom and Mary Lou joined. We enjoyed showing them around Charlottesville and the kids loved have them around. We sure have missed living closer to them.


For 4th of July, Nana came with Auntie Kristy, Uncle James and their cousin baby Mayla. The girls were obsessed with Mayla of course. We celebrated the holiday in town and saw fire works and had our faces painted. Mom and I walked the Monticello trail together which was nice. I miss just walking with my mom. After the holiday, Tommy and I took a mommy and daddy trip to Turks and Caicos. Nana stayed with the kids and they had so much fun together painting, doing crafts, making cookies, playing outside. It was really hard when Nana had to leave.



Another big milestone last month, the kids started pre-school twice a week and they love it. They go on Mondays from 9-6pm because that's the day I volunteer at the hospital and then on Wednesdays 9-3. The first day it was weird having them gone, but actually I think its been very good for them, and for me. I am able to go to the grocery store or take care of my doctors appointments, or go for a run outside. They are bringing home different crafts every day, learning their letters and making new friends....and they haven't even been sick that often, which I have been pleasantly surprised so far.

In addition to school, the girls started their first ballet class last week. Its perfect for them because they already to pretend to be ballerinas all the time. So far they seem to love it. Mickey was a little bit jealous so I took him on a mommy and me date this past weekend. In the spring he will be able to play tee ball and maybe soccer too, but in the mean time, he doesn't understand why there is no "Prince" class. Its so stinking cute but sad at the same time because he really believes a prince class should exist.

A couple weeks ago we took a little mini vacation to their first amusement park, Busch Gardens and we had the best time. It is the third year in a  row we have gone away for Labor day weekend and just spent time together as a family. Labor day weekends are turning out to be my favorite weekends of the year because we have no distractions. Just fun. There was a ton of rides for them and the they all rode the little roller coaster with me. They look terrified in the pictures but don't let them fool you, they are still talking about how fun it was. We tried the log ride but that one was a little too scary I think. On the rides, their little faces would light up and they were grinning from ear to ear and giggling. It was like pure happiness. I will never forget it.



Its hard to believe they will be 4 years old next month. My babies who were only two and half pounds at birth and struggled to breathe, are thriving and turning into little people. They are my favorite people and there is no where on earth I would rather be than with them and their dad. When they smile and laugh, my heart lights up inside of me in a way it hasn't for a long time. They are my reason for everything I do, even the things I try to do for myself to make myself a better person, it is really all for them. I want to be the best mom and person I can be for them. I can't wait for next month and to take them to Disney World for their birthday. More family time and surrounded by things they love... rides, and princess and all things Disney, and each other of course. Its going to be magical.