Sunday, August 25, 2013


I created this blog to share updates on the babies and to share the journeys we go through as a family. I have captured many milestones here, celebrations and even challenges. I started this blog when I had only just found out I was pregnant with my angels. Now, they are approaching their 2nd year in life and I more amazed by them every day. There were times when I didn't know if all 3 would get to stay with us and they have come so far. More than ever, after losing my dad and watching the babies fight to live, I realize that our health is more important than anything. After all, without our health, what do we have? Prior to getting pregnant with the babies and before the blog, I struggled with a disease known as Endometriosis. I won't go into too much detail here but encourage you to click on the links below if you would like to learn more about it. It is a very misunderstood disease, and can go undiagnosed for years because it usually cannot be seen through ultrasounds or x-rays. Most people don't realize just how debilitating it can be. There is no cure, but luckily there is a way for women with endometriosis to get some relief, and that is through surgery. I had my first surgery in February 2010 after a year of testing, procedures and multiple ER visits, and after that surgery, for the first time in a long time, I felt free from the pain, like I could live a normal life again. Now, 3 and a half years later, I am scheduled for surgery again this Thursday. The doctor will excise the endometriosis from anywhere inside my body he may find it (again I am trying to not be too detailed here). It is possible it is on my intestines and a 50/50 chance it is on my appendix, so he will take that out. The thought of being put under anesthesia is honestly the scariest part for me, now that I have the babies. I feel pretty confident all will be ok, but I guess it would not be normal if I wasn't a little scared right? The reality is though, this disease makes me extremely fatigued and I cannot afford to be that way with 3 little ones and a full time job. It also can be so painful sometimes that I cannot stand up straight or get out of bed. And during those times, I cannot pick up babies or hold them close to me. Most importantly, endometriosis can lead to more serious health issues, including cancer, especially if it is left untreated.

I will be taking a couple weeks off from work to recover. My husband, bless his heart, will be taking care of me and the babies. I am not quite sure how I will sit still while at home. It will be hard to watch the babies and not be able to hold them but I am looking forward to the healing and the chance to rest which is hard to come by these days. Maybe I will have a chance to write more about the babies. It has been hard to find the time to write lately.

I wanted to share this in my blog because it is another challenge we will go through together as a family and I want to capture all the important moments, good and bad. Life is full of challenges and this is just another one that will bring us closer together and make us stronger. It will make me stronger. And when its done, I will feel better and be free from the pain again, for another few years I hope. When I think back to everything the babies went through to be alive, I know I can do this. They have taught me so much about what it means to be strong. I also know that this disease can be genetic and my daughters, unfortunately, have a higher chance of getting it. This breaks my heart. I hope that when they read this blog one day they see that sometimes you have go through things that are scary and hard to get to the good stuff and that as long as we support each other and love each other we will be ok. I choose to not to let this disease run my life. Yes, this sucks, no doubt about it, but it could always be worse, and I am so grateful that it is not. This week I will be hugging my babies tight, and trying not to let my fears get the best of me. I will go on after this and live happily ever after until the next challenge in our lives and learn what I can from this one.

If you would like to read more about endometriosis, please click on the links below: