Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Poem from Mommy

I wish I could possibly explain all the thoughts that go through my head while I watch my babies in the hospital. The ups and downs. One minute the prognosis is good and the next its not. Your heart jumps for joy, and then a second later it drops into the pit of your stomach. I could go on but I think its something you really have to go through to understand it.

As sick as Mickey is and Georgia was and as many times as we have been here, I know it could be a lot worse and I am grateful that its not. I am so proud of my babies. I cant wait to see them back to their normal selves, happy and full of life. Little balls of wonderful energy.

I wrote this for them tonight in the hospital. All three of them. I'm sure some other moms can relate.

Little angels, gifts from god, do you know what you mean?

Tiny miracles, the impossible, are more possible than it seems.

Many wishes on many stars, and many bedtime prayers

To the moon, to the sun, to the man upstairs

And now you’re here in front of me, after almost letting go

Of the dream that was a part of me, from so long ago

Although I didn’t know you would exist, I was wrong so many times

Now without you would be unlivable, Id slowly lose my mind

So please don’t ever go away, or think I love you less

No matter how tough things get, know matter of the mess

Tiny fighters from day one, you let your presence known

You showed us how strong you’d be, with every day you’ve grown.

I watch you now in wonder, despite all the machines

Just like the day you were born, we’ve always been a team

Together we will beat this thing, if it’s the last thing that I do

I will not let it hold you back, from all the life ahead of you

So rest easy little miracle, that God has left to me

To show you all the love there is, and how amazing you will be

Ignore the negativity, ignore the doubts you hear

Those people don’t know you like I do, those people live in fear

I was once just like them you see, hopeless and afraid

But then you came, turned on the light, and nothing was the same.

I learned from you to believe, in angels and in dreams

In everything that can only be felt, and that isn’t always seen.

Hang tight little shooting stars; you have a ways to go

This ride may be a bumpy one, but you’re going to steal the show

Know that mommy loves you, and no matter what how tough things seem

I’ll always be beside you angels, even in the scary dreams.

You don’t need me to protect you; you can do it on your own

But still I’lI hold your hand, so that you will never be alone.