Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back to Arizona

As usual, I am extremely late in writing about my fun and memorable trip with Jolynne to Arizona back in February. My niece, Mayla was born in late December and I was so sad I could not be there to meet her when she came into the world. Since Mickey and Georgia already got to go on trips with mommy, it was Jo Jo's turn. It was also my first trip back to Arizona since we moved, exactly 1 year earlier so needless to say I couldn't wait to see my  friends and family. Also, not going to lie, I was thrilled to be getting out of the cold. Virginia's winters seem to be late winters so even though February was almost over, we were still continuing to get snow.

Jolynne was so excited. What was different and cool about her trip was we were flying out of Charlottesville so you actually have to walk outside and by all the airplanes to get on the airplane. She was smiling from ear to ear. She could actually see she was getting on an airplane instead of walking through a tunnel like at most airports. This made the experience very real for her. Since it was a small plane, the window was the perfect height for her so she was looking out the window the whole time we took off and said "weeeeeeee". I loved to see her so happy. She did great on both our flights. She was such a breeze to fly with and made mommy's life so easy, which I appreciate.

Seeing my mom when we got there was of course a breath of fresh air! I miss her so much and hate that we  live so far away from each other. We decided to take it easy our first night and just went back to Nana's house, ate pizza and visited. The next day, Jolynne and I walked to the neighborhood park to enjoy some of the weather before my sister came to pick us up. Jolynne loved Mayla the moment she saw her, and so did I. I can tell that Jolynne will be great mommy someday. Before we went to Kristy's we stopped to pickup one of my favorite things to eat that we don't have in Virginia - In N Out Burger. Jolynne ate the whole thing down. I have never seen her eat a burger like that before and I don't think I've seen her eat one like that since. It was nice just hanging out at my sisters and talking while Mayla and Jolynne napped. I don't remember the last time we did that. It was the perfect way to spend the day.



Later that night I was reunited with two of my best friends Christie and Wendy. We met at Kona Grill where we used to meet for drinks and dinner all the time. I loved seeing and talking to them, just like old times. Making new friends is hard when you move and nothing or no one can ever replace these girls or how much their friendship means to me.

The next day we took at trip to moms school for her blood drive and Jolynne played on the playground while we waited for Nana. Then we stopped by my old work at Club Med to see my friends and co-workers from there who I also missed. Jolynne was pretty shy the whole time we were there. It was just like yesterday I was working there and having daily conversations and sharing jokes and stories with the team there... and oh yes...working too. I really miss that aspect of my life sometimes. Adult conversations. It was great to see them all and Tracy gave Jolynne a little something to take home, which was a big hit and still is a favorite toy.
That afternoon we went to meet up with my friends again and their kids at the Scottsdale Railroad park. We played on the playground, rode the train and the carousel. The weather was beautiful and Jolynne had a blast! Even her cousin Matthew came along!



That night we went back to my moms house and spent the last remaining hours of our trip there. Little did I know it would probably be my last time in that house as my mom just sold it. It brings a lot of mixed emotions as I have so many fond memories of my dad there and all of us being together as a family while he was still alive. I'm so happy that Jolynne and I got to go back one more time before she moves and meet my niece and spend time with my mom, sister and some of my dearest friends. I am hopeful that our next trip to Arizona will be all five us and we will have more time to see everyone as I definitely missed catching up with a few people. As for Jolynne, she had a wonderful time and still keeps talking about when we can go back.



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