Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reflections before the big move...

As we are only days away from our road trip and move to Virgina, I have been reflecting on many things. As with all major life changes, you pause to think about where you are going but also about where you have been. The other night as I was getting ready to go out with two of my closest friends for the last time in awhile, I was listening to familiar old songs that took me back to many different times and places in my life and with many different people. They reminded me of the big life changes I have already made, and when I gazed into the mirror I could see all my faces across the years, all the happiness and sadness, all the fear and life surprises, all the lessons and all the love I have been blessed with. I remember the parts of me I said goodbye to for good, lessons learned, and can still see other parts that will always be a part of who I am.

I thought about my move to Arizona from California at only 19 years old, not a move I really wanted to make but ended up being the best thing for me in the end. I thought about how insecure I was back then and how little I trusted anyone with my thoughts, feelings or my heart, and here I am today sharing them on a blog for the world to see, confidant, and unafraid of what people might think. Moving to Arizona, and the lifelong friends I have made here and even the friends I have lost touch with have definitely encouraged and changed me for the better. Even last Saturday night with Christie and Wendy, I continued to learn about myself from my friends as they shared some very personal insights with me that I so appreciate and love.

I thought about my move to Texas in 2007. I was single and had just been laid off from my job. I was ready for a change and to venture out of my comfort zone again. Even though I was only in Texas for a year that is where I met Tommy so it wasn't all for nothing. That move changed my life forever. I have a husband and three beautiful children to prove it.

Moving back to Phoenix in 2008. Little did I know my dad was getting very sick. Moving back put me in the right place at the right time. How much I would have regretted not being here for his last few months. even though that was some of the hardest months of my life, I cherish that time I got to have with him. All this being said, I am confidant that moving to Virginia will only bring good things. every move I have made in the past has always put me where I needed to be, even though it was scary at first.

Other than all these crazy moves, I have made so many other changes, from the people I keep close to those I let go, to jobs I have had and the professional experiences I have gained and how that also has shaped me as a person. The biggest changes of all of course, becoming a wife and a mother. Starting my own family. How differently I see the world now that I am a mom and how much more I appreciate mine.

This is our last night in this house that has been our home for the the last 4 plus years. The longest I have stayed in one place. We got married while living in this house, Tommy's friends got married here, we brought our babies home to this house. We had many celebrations and many parties. But mostly, we had a lot of normal family nights, loving, laughing, playing, and just being together. So many firsts for our three angels. This home will always hold a special place in my heart.

Starting tomorrow we will be staying with my mom until we leave on Saturday. The hardest part is yet to come. Saying good bye to my mom and to my family. Even though it is not goodbye, it is "see you later", it will be very tough. Once we are on the road I will be looking forward, while trying to enjoy seeing new parts of the country, but for now, I am here a couple more days and am going to try and focus on that and the time I have left in Arizona.

A gift from my work family  - thank you! I will miss you guys!

A night I will cherish with my beautiful girlfriends...

One of the last pictures of the babies in this house...