Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy, Healthy 15 Month Old Triplets

Its been awhile since I wrote an actual blog update on the babies. I had to postpone their 15 month well visit to the doctor because they were so sick. They will actually be 16 months on the 26th. The last two weeks have been the least stressful we have had in awhile. Our new nanny started and she is fantastic. She is very clean, great with the babies, full of energy and extremely observant. We managed to go two whole weeks without anyone getting sick, which is the longest we have gone since they started daycare in July. I can go to work now and be at peace knowing my babies are being taken good care of, that they are not being exposed to icky germs, that they are in a safe place. Not that day care wasn't safe, it just wasn't the best place for them. When I am home, the babies are so happy. Their personalities are really starting to develop. I have seen such a big difference in them in general since they are not sick. I didn't realize how it was affecting them, even just the minor colds. Mickey did come down with a double ear infection on Monday, but no virus and no RSV and no flu. Ear infections, although still not good, seem somewhat easy to handle and heal as opposed to some of the other stuff they have been dealing with. We also love our new doctor. The first time I walked in I could hear them answering phones and making same day appointments. Everything was super clean and the doctor was so thorough, asking lots of questions. We did not feel rushed in and out. We felt like they really wanted to get the bottom of whatever was going on. When we called on Monday because Mickey had a high fever, they got him in by 10am and by 11am we knew what was going on. All these little things, great doctors you can count on, a dependable, caring nanny, has really made a difference in our families lives the last couple weeks.

Georgia is growing well. She has gone from 27.5 inches to 29 inches long and weighs 24 pounds, 5 ounces. She is the biggest of the crew. She, along with other two are now only drinking from sippy cups, no more bottles, they are all eating table foods with their hands, but can still not use the spoons themselves. Georgia is cruising now but she hasn't walked without holding onto something. Since her adjusted age is 13 months, they are not too concerned at this point. Georgia is generally very happy as usual but does sometimes have a little separation anxiety. She has started to reach her arms up to you when she wants to be held. Her and Jolynne like to play peek-a-boo and hide their faces with their hands. They both love music and like to dance. Georgia can say one syllable words like bye and ma. She has unfortunately started to bite her brother and sister and even mommy and daddy when she wants somethings. She makes a growl, and bites down at the same time. We have to keep a close eye on her at this point. She is dangerous!


Jolynne has also grown about an inch and a half from 27 inches to 28 3/4 inches and she weighs 23 pounds and 2 ounces. Jolynne is cruising as well and can stand unassisted for a long period of time but refuses to take a step out of fear. I know she can do it and has been cruising a while but is so afraid. Jolynne has not quite said the one syllable words yet but babbles quite a lot. I would say she has better motor skills while Georgia is better at communicating. Jolynne likes to steal toys and push her brother and sister out of the way. She is somewhat of a bully at times. And to think she was our tiniest and youngest - she certainly doesn't act like it. The girls have really started to develop a close relationship with each other. They talk to each other, laugh at each other, touch each others face and play together well, that is when Georgia is not biting and Jo is not pushing. They do tend to also gang up on their brother. Mickey is kind of a lover, at times the girls take advantage. Poor guy.

Mickey has not grown as much as the girls. He has gone from 28 1/4 inches long to 29 inches long. He only weighs 20 pounds. I am not sure if its because of how sick he has been or how mobile he is. He eats just the same as the girls. I don't know where it all goes. Mickey doesn't like his sippy cup as much but he eventually drinks it. We are going to try to add extra fats likes butter and cheeses to his food. While the girls still only have 6 teeth, Mickey has 9 including one molar that he just cut. Ouch! He is running and walking all over the place. He loves to be held and like his sisters can wave bye bye. He likes it a lot when daddy chases him around the house and when he can chase daddy. He loves to throw things, in fact, he throws everything, food, toys, sippy cups, everything!

We recently have been able to take the babies out back when the weather is nice and let them play in the yard. I wish we could take them other places but we just cant afford for them to get sick again. I worry how hard it is on them as well. I know they wont remember all the hospital visits but I can say just from how the NICU contributed to some of their behaviors, I'm sure this did as well. 

The most important thing is we are all better now, not just better, better than ever before! Spending time with the babies is like nothing else I can describe. How happy it makes me to see them happy. I cant wait to see how much they continue to grow and develop relationships with each other and with us. They do have their own language and it scares me. Sometimes I think they are seceretly planning something behind my back. You might think I am crazy, unless you have triplets, you might know what I am talking about. Sometimes it is us against them - at the end of the day, it all comes down to if they let us win or not. :-)