Friday, June 14, 2013

19 Months

Time sure does fly when you are having fun. I am long overdue for an update on the babies, who are now 19 months old. They will be 20 months on June 26th. I cant believe they are almost 2 years old. They are doing great by the way. I know I post a lot of pictures on facebook so you can see them grow but I thought I would elaborate a little on their progress. Georgia, although she took her time started walking right at 18 months. Looking at her now you would think she has been walking forever. She is so fast already! Once she learns something she really goes with it. She has started to copy words we say, so Tommy is really having to be careful with his choice of words sometimes. LOL. She can say mama, thank you, apple, hooray, ball, hi, bye, boo, and several others. Jolynne can say a few words but not as many or as clearly as Georgia. She is really trying though. Mickey will say complete sentences. Trouble is they are in a baby language. he will go on and on about something while looking you straight in the eye but we have no idea what he is saying. All of them are really starting to pick things up like puzzles and blocks and shapes. Its all starting to click I think. Well, not for everything but for a lot of things. The phase they are in now is so hilarious. I love watching them and catching their silly expressions. All 3 love to dance and spin in circles. They like when i sing to them. That's the only time they will be quiet. And Jo claps every time I am done with a song, which is so sweet. Bath time has got to be their favorite time of day now. They love the water. Now if we can just keep them from falling and hitting their head when they try to stand. The girls are especially clingy when we are at home and we have people over. They cry and wont go near anyone other than me or Tommy. When we are in public, they are fine, but just don't like other people in the house I guess. Mickey is the life of the party and very much a ladies man as I think I have mentioned before. the biggest challenge right now is the fighting, especially between the girls. They fight over toys and over attention from us. They will hit each other, push each other and bite hard. We are working on getting this under control. It is tough sometimes though. We try and try to give each of them equal attention but they want it all, and don't understand why we cant give them that. I know it is just a phase and we will get past this just as we have every other obstacle. I know it is pretty normal.

Its getting a little easier to take the babies places, there is more stuff they enjoy and like to do. Knocking on wood, they have not been sick in awhile. Taking them out of day care has really helped. They are growing so fast too. The girls are already wearing size 2 Toddler and have been for a couple months.  Work for Tommy and I has been very busy and involved a lot of travel. That may be why the girls are so clingy. One of us is gone every week it seems. At the end of this month, Tommy and I are going to Cancun for a couple days. I wish we could take the babies but they are not old enough to enjoy it and quite honestly, its important for Tommy and I to spend some time with each other outside of normal every day life. We are very lucky we have the opportunity to do so thanks to our jobs and to my mom for watching the babies. I do look forward to more family vacations someday though. I cant wait to take the babies place and show them everything! Show them the world. I know I crammed a lot of updates into one small blog entry but I needed to catch up and I have less and less time to write lately it seems. Thanks to everyone who continues to follow the blog and keep up with us and our 3 little miracles. More updates and entries to come soon I hope.