Saturday, March 14, 2015

Georgia and Mommy go to Florida

It was Georgia's turn for some one on one time with mommy. It's the middle of December, Christmas is right around the corner, and the weather is pretty chilly. Why not go see my best friend, Christina, and meet my God daughter Kennedi. Christina and her family came to see us after we first moved to Virginia in May which meant a lot to me. At the time I was feeling so homesick and still hadn't made friends here. It was during that trip she asked me to be Kennedi's godmother and I was and still am so honored. I was so bummed I could not be at the baby shower. The move into our new house completely wiped us out, and was much more money than we anticipated. Luckily, Tommy had a couple tickets on Southwest so that I could go see Christina and bring Georgia with me.

Georgia was definitely not as easy to travel with as Mickey. She didn't want to keep her seat belt on. She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom on the plane, and then we would get there and she said she didn't have to go. She was fussy, she didn't want to sit down. It was tough to keep her happy. The flights were pretty bumpy too so it was just not an ideal time for her to act like this but we survived. We got to Orlando just in time for dinner and all went for Pizza at this local place near where Christina lives. It was really good....Georgia especially was stuffing her face with two slices at once. That girl loves pizza!!! We got to their house after dinner and Christina surprised us with presents. One for Georgia and I got a beautiful framed picture of Kennedi that is now hanging in our guest room. I loved it! After the kids went to bed Christina and I stayed up for hours drinking wine and talking just like old times. I so wish we lived closer and could have nights like that more often, but I cherish them every time we do. I noticed in Christina's guest room she had hung up a couple poems I had written. That was so special to me and reminded me that I need to write more...something that is becoming increasing difficult as the kids get older.


The next day we had lots of fun planned for the girls. Todd was having a daddy/daughter day with Kennedi so that we could take Sophia and Georgia for a girls day out! Our first stop was a little day spa for girls. Sophia and Georgia got manicures and they got their hair done to look like princesses. Georgia could not decide between orange and pink since those are both her favorite colors so her nails were both colors. Then she had her hair twisted up in the back with glitter and some light eye shadow and lip gloss. Sophia and Georgia were so excited and all smiles. They had their little princess dresses on and they were cute as can be. It was such a cool moment to see them all dolled up together.

After that we headed to Tommy Bahama where Todd is the Executive Chef and had a yummy lunch, as always, then we were off to the Gaylord Palms, ICE event. There were ice slides and a show you walked through with tons of ice sculptures all with the Nutcracker theme. The only problem was it was so busy, so there were a lot of lines to wait in, which normally would have been ok but Georgia was being so impatient. I think it was a combination of not taking a long enough nap and that she was constipated. Again, she kept saying she had to potty but wouldn't go when we got there and she was very fussy. I felt like I was really struggling to keep her happy at this point which made me sad because I wanted her to have a good time and enjoy the time we were spending with our friends. The ice sculptures were beautiful. Its amazing how talented those people are. Afterwards, we went to the gift shop and got some yummy treats for the kids before heading to the slides. This was our favorite part. We got a double enter tube and Georgia and I went down the slide together. I got Georgia on video saying "AGAIN?" after we got to the bottom. You can see it yourself at the end of this blog entry. We got to slide down twice but I think Georgia could have done that all day. She got pretty upset again when it was over.


When we got back to Christina's, Georgia was not herself. I could tell something was wrong. She was having a lot of pee pee accidents which was not like her. She wouldn't tell me when she had to go potty and she was crying a lot. I decided to give her a warm bath a little later and realized she was in fact constipated. She really needed to go but it hurt so bad. Poor girl. I hated seeing her so upset and feeling so helpless. She finally got it all out though and was much better after that. If you are reading this later in life Georgia dear....sorry, not trying to embarrass you sweetheart. We've all had moments like this at some point or another.

On Sunday, it was time for Christina and I to have some mommy time, so we went to get pedicures and had a nice lunch sitting outside. I was going to soak up as much of the sun as I could. We thought about taking the girls somewhere later but decided against it. I think everyone was tired from Saturday. It was nice just hanging out at the house and watching the kids play and spending time with Kennedi too. Of course, Georgia loved Kennedi. She loves her so much she came home and finally gave her baby doll a name....Kennedi!

I was so sad to leave the next day, but ready to get Georgia back in a routine and get her potty situation back under control....which it is now. For some reason I notice any time the routine is thrown off, she starts to have accidents. It's happened a few times since we've been back. Even though she wasn't feeling 100%, Georgia had a great time. She still talks about the trip months later and about her friends Sophia and Kennedi. We cant wait to see them again soon! Hopefully in October when the whole family can be there! I know we are still not living in the same state but at least we are on the same side of the country which should make it easier to see each other. I am so grateful for all the new friendships I am making in Virginia but there a few people who nobody will ever compare to. I miss my best friend and love her more infinity x infinity!

Here is the video of Georgia and I going down the ice slide. It was much like our whole trip - It was fun, it went by too fast and then it was over.......until next time.