Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Birth Story - One Crazy, but very special day!

October 26, 2011

Georgia Dawn - 5:27 pm, 2 lbs, 9 ounces
Mickey Aaron - 5:28pm, 2 lbs, 11 ounces
Jolynne Marie - 5:29pm, 2 lbs, 6 ounces 

As you know, our beautiful babies came into the world on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011, quite unexpectedly at 29 weeks 6 days. Since I have not had much time for anything but I wanted to post a quick update and how it all happened. I cannot possibly summarize everything that has gone on in the last 5 days but we'll start with day 1 and I will update more once I have more time.

It all started with our weekly doctor appointment Wednesday morning. They were going to measure growth on all three babies and do the normal check on me, blood pressure, protein, etc. etc. To back up a little, our appointment last week at 28 weeks, 6 days went well. All heart rates were looking good as with fluid levels. They gave me a Rhogam shot because I am RH negative and also steroid shots just as a precaution if the babies came early, this helps develop their lungs. It was our choice to do it, the doctors did not have any concerns, it was just in case.

At our appointment on Wednesday, the u/s tech was struggling to get their measurements, but what she came up with was that Georgia was only 2 lbs, 4 ounces, which is only 8 ounces bigger than she was a month ago. I started to become a little concerned right away. The next thing they noticed was that her cord blood flow was absent at times, so there might be an issue with the placenta and maybe she was not getting the nutrients she needed to grow. The other two babies looked good. While we waited for the doctor, I told Tommy that they better not tell us "lets wait and see" because I knew I would just worry. Based on everything I researched all the babies should be close to three pounds at this point so her only measuring 2.4 really concerned me. Well, they didn't say "lets wait and see". The doctor said we needed to go the hospital where they could monitor me closely to see what was going on with Baby A. She said she didn't think we would have to deliver or anything but at this critical time period, we just needed to watch her.

SO, Tommy and I headed down the street to the hospital. When I arrived at registration, I was told I was being directly admitted, which I didn't realize, I thought I would go through triage, they might run some tests and then I might be admitted for further observation, but at that point I realized I was not going anywhere. I was a little worried at this point also about Pepper who most of you know started having seizures the day before. We were supposed to pick him from the vet right after our appointment but Tommy called and we got that extended until close of business. Luckily he was doing better, I just didn't want to leave him home alone in case he had another seizure.

So, they did another ultrasound which confirmed there was an issue with Georgia's blood flow. Not only was it absent, it was now reversed, which means it had gotten progressively worse. We waited hours to talk to a doctor, they told me I could eat so we finally had lunch at the hospital around 2:30pm, a nice juicy cheeseburger and fries...I was starving at this point, as were my babies. The doctor came in at 3pm and very bluntly told us that if we did not deliver today or tomorrow, we could lose Baby A and that since she is identical to Baby B and they share a placenta, we could lose Baby B. The only reason why they would wait until the next day is because I had just ate. (Well, they said I could, so I did, I was not expecting this!) But they wanted to run one more test to make sure she could make it through the night, otherwise, it would be that night! Tommy quickly left to get Pepper and drop him off. 5 minutes later the doctor came in and said "call your husband, we are doing it at 5pm"! It was 3:30pm! Tommy got Pepper and came back by 4:30pm. Meanwhile I was suddenly terrified. I thought I had been ready for anything for weeks, but apparently I was not. I was very nervous and feeling nauseous, not to mention, I had just ate a big juicy cheeseburger and was a little worried I would not be able to keep it down during the surgery, but luckily that turned out to not be an issue. There were lots of people coming in and out of my room, poking me and talking to me about risks, the details of how it would happen, etc., but I was there alone, shaking and I don't think I heard anything they said to me. Tommy got back, my mom was there briefly too before they wheeled me away to get started. The C section went as great as can be expected. I was shaking the whole time (its the strangest sensation to be completely numb from the chest down) but in the end, all three babies came into this world beautifully. I got to see all three of them and kiss their faces before they were taken up to the NICU. Tommy went with them while they finished with me and took me to recovery.

The first night all three babies were breathing on their own through c pap machines. They did very well with no issues. The next day Mickey had to be put on a breathing tube as his lungs were not as developed as his sisters. He is on room air with no extra oxygen but the machine is just helping him breathe a little. They dont know why he is a little behind his sisters developmentally (physically speaking), even though he was bigger than both of them. They think it might be that the girls had to fight a little harder in utero since they were sharing everything and he kind of had it made in there. He also has developed an infection and they are running more tests today. This has been going on a few days now.

Jolynne had to have surgery on Saturday, which I will detail in the next update. She is stable now, but in critical condition and this has been a set back for her. Saturday was a very difficult day for us to say the least. Georgia is doing fantastic and far ahead of her siblings at this point. She does not need help breathing at all, no infections, nothing so far. We are praying it stays that way!

As for me, I got an infection immediately following the surgery and was running a high fever for several days. This was frustrating as its hard to be completely present and focused on three babies while you cant get out of bed or think clearly with all the meds. Luckily I am doing better and got to go home yesterday. Now, I can be there 100% for my babies that need me.

The experience of this day is hard to put into words but this is the only thing I know to compare it to only in an opposites (positive) way. When my dad passed away, it was like something switched inside me and suddenly the world looked different to me and felt different to me, nothing was ever the same, including all the little every day things. I felt his absence everywhere. - Now that my 3 little angels are in the world, it is kind of the same, the world looks better and feels better to me, nothing will every be the same, only richer, and fuller. There is this light inside me that I cant explain. Its nothing I can touch but only feel and its absolutely wonderful.

These pictures are of Georgia - our rockstar. She's doing very well and we are crossing fingers it stays that way. We have already learned with her sister how quickly things can change in the NICU. Ironically, Georgia is the one they worried about on Wednesday and why they had to be delivered. Now she is the healthiest at this point.

This is Mickey - the stubborn one. He likes to do things on his own schedule, when and if he is ready. He is feisty, but I have been told they all are, which is a good thing to be in the NICU.

And this is Jolynne - our little fighter. She has been through a lot already. All the pictures of her are pre-surgery. The machine around her face in the pictures of me is just a c pap, the help inflate her lungs. She is still breathing on her own. Although since the surgery, she now has a breathing tube until she gets stronger.

More updates and details coming soon!!!!


  1. Kara,

    Congratulations on three precious miracle, yes it was hard journey for you and tommy. But they are all worth it. Praying for Jolynne, Georgia and Micky for speedy growth and you can bring all of them home and enjoy wonderful time with them.

  2. What wonderful pictures :-) It's so great that you get to hold them and be close to them that look great, too Kara! We're still sending you lots of to you all!
    <3 Ellen

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I recall even 2.5 years later what a blur that first few weeks was! We'll be praying for all your little babies! Keep up the good work, Mama! :)

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  5. Kara,
    I'm sure you don't need to be told but, I'm going to tell you anyways... You did amazing!!! Hey, you made it 2 days longer than me, lol...
    Your babies are beautiful & you look amazing. I can't say it enough & I know just where you are but, make sure you are getting lots of rest. I was so stubborn & wanted to be at the hospital every minute just in case something came up, but you have to heal too & believe me you are going to need that energy in a few weeks when those little beauties come home :)
    Congratulations again & if there is ANYTHING you need that I can do or send from afar, please let me know!!!

  6. Kara, Those little babies are absolutely precious, truly a wonderful blessing from God. You did a great job bringing them into the world Momma! I will continuously pray for everyone's health and swift recovery.