Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For my Dad

George Edward Horner -  January 16, 1950 - March 22, 2009

It was not that long ago
You were here, telling your jokes
Calling me up daily, just to say hi
If only we could have said goodbye

Writing has been tough since then
Putting what’s inside my head to the pen
I have found a reason to write again
Three little ones, with their little grins

Just three years ago, in the rain and wind
We let you go and tried to mend
I remember the last breath you took
And how I could hardly bare to look

Now, in heaven, it’s clear to see
You are still right there for me
Taking care of all of us
As we move forward, which we must

This poem is not to sulk or cry
But to remember the important things in life
Fathers, our super heroes for just a while
Stronger than steel, in the eyes of a child

Since you’ve been gone, a lot has changed
Our lives got sort of rearranged
At first it was extremely tough
The songs, the games, the little stuff

The close bond with you, I now share with mom
Thank you for passing that along
In our hearts, we hold you close
And remember that family is what matters most

One of my girls, we named in your honor
Georgia will always know her grandfather
Mickey, he kind of looks like me
And I look like you so, how handsome he’ll be

Our little fighter, we call her Jolynne
And just like you she likes to win
I believe they must have met you somewhere
Maybe not here, maybe up there

Angel kisses on their delicate skin
Proof of you, as their lives begin
So close they came to not making it
You must have been there to give them a lift

Thanks for all you left for me
This huge imprint, as you can see
On who I have turned out to be
A beautiful woman, with the gift of three

Someday I know I will get that chance
For one more hug and one more dance
Until then, I have a job to do
I’ll make you proud, I promise you


  1. this is lovely...
    keep strong, Kara!

  2. Kara, this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful.