Wednesday, October 1, 2014

True Stories of Terrible Twos with Triplets

I wrote this August 13, 2014 and never posted:

Since my kids have turned two I hardly have time to write anymore. I had much more time when they were infants, hanging out in the bouncers and rolling around the play mats. Now, if I leave the room for a second even to go pee, it is the end of the world. If I try to make dinner..forget it, they will pee on the floor, climb the walls, and do everything they possibly can to get my attention in a negative way. You would think they would want to eat but they are not old enough to understand there is a process involved. They want my undivided attention EVERY moment they are awake and they don't want to sleep.

One of my biggest challenges as a mom of triplets is that I am so used to doing everything for them, feeding, dressing, lifting, walking, everything! I do this because if I let them try to do all this themselves every time we left the house or ate a meal, we would literally never leave the house or the table. They are slow as molasses, Getting them up and down the stairs is like herding cattle. Not to compare my beautiful miracles to cows but lets face it, they are two, there are three of them and their listening skills are not great. Because of this they are somewhat delayed in the self help category. They should be doing more themselves at this age (34 months) than they are. So, now we have to practice getting dressed during playtime, and we have to allow extra time before every outing so they can practice going up and down the stairs and putting their shoes on, etc. Once they can do more things for them selves, that will be one thing that will make my life much easier.

Another huge challenge is getting them to understand why its important to not run in the street and that they should stay close to mom. I have almost lost my son THREE times at play dates and events due to how chaotic it is when you have three toddlers running around amidst many other kids and people. I do need eyes in the back of my head and another set of arms would be helpful too.

Lastly, the constant whining and crying every time they want something or are fighting over something with their siblings is a little, well, its annoying. They know how to talk but they choose to scream a high pitched scream to get every ones attention all throughout the day. Oye. With one toddler, you may only experience this periodically or on play dates. The whining and screaming is constant which is why I prefer to get them out of the house if possible but then I risk losing my son, so you pick your battles I guess?

I could go on and on about why my husband and I have decided that having two year old triplets is WAY harder than when they were infants. Yes, we got less sleep, but honesty the sleep is still not great. It takes hours to get them to bed and then they still wake up  in the middle of the night and need us and are up with the sun. But I still LOVE my children and I LOVE watching them learn and my life would be empty and hollow without all this believe it or not. I do have to be realistic though and the reality is that it is very very hard being a mom and very very hard being a mom of triplets at this age. Below I compiled a list of funny stories and scary moments from their twos. I hear three is even tougher but I will survive! All too soon they will be grown, and I will wish for these days back. At least I can laugh about it.

Where is Mickey Story #1  - In an effort to make friends in a new city, I finally got the courage up to join another mom at the mall play area. The kids were running around, climbing the different plastic animals and I was carefully chatting with my new friend. Of course in a split second, Mickey is no where to be seen. My heart dropped, I panicked, I thought how will I tell Tommy I lost our son? Luckily we found him. Then he began running out of the play area and into the department store again and again as a game now. It was fun for him to have me chase after him, so one time I didn't, thinking he would stop and come back. But he didn't come back. My heart dropped again. I ran deep into the department store and found him in the juniors section dancing to the music.

Trying to Make Dinner #1 - I was trying to make dinner and I could hear the kids running around screaming behind me. I was making a new recipe and trying to focus on the measurements when I suddenly realized Georgia was standing there saying "sissy, bubba" and the other two were NOT THERE. I left the stove top on and ran to the front door which I realized they had opened. I slammed the door shut behind me so Georgia wouldn't get out. I ran into the street of the neighborhood and couldn't see them. I looked right and left again and there they were running up the street in their pull ups with some nice lady who had stopped her car to help them when she noticed them running alone. I thanked her profusely and went with my escapees to the front door to realize it had locked behind be. The front door had always been locked but it didn't latch closed which is how they got out so when I slammed it behind me in a panic I locked us out and Georgia inside with the stove on, and I had no phone. Luckily a neighbor saw me at my front door holding two half naked toddlers in my hands and let me borrow her phone. Just then Tommy drove in the driveway. Saved again. Barely.

Trying to Make Dinner  #2- As soon as I got up to make dinner the kids started with their mischief. It wasn't until I heard mickey slip and fall that I realized they were doing something they were not supposed to. I found one of my daughters in the bathroom with the faucet on, water covering the floor which Mickey had slipped and hit his head. Sigh. So much for trying to make dinner. Now I am cleaning the bathroom and cuddling my son.

The Fireplace - Making dinner became such a challenge. I couldn't always wait for my husband to come home and someone suggested giving them all play bowls and spoons and tell them they are helping mommy with dinner, so that's what I did and it worked! I didn't hear a peep and I made dinner in record time. Yes!!!.....NO! Later that night I went to turn the gas fireplace on. A couple minutes later I noticed a funny smell and smoke pouring out the fireplace. They had thrown all their plastic food in the fireplace. The smoke alarms were going off.. It was chaos. Luckily my husband was able to get the fire out by pouring water in it. But now the fireplace in broken. Sigh.

Where is Mickey Story #2 - It is 4th of July and we are all at the event in Charlottesville for fireworks and fun! We set up all our chairs and blankets in a great spot to see what should be some awesome firecrackers. The kids got their face painted and were happily sucking on lollipops. It was a great night so far. We were hanging out at the chairs and my husband left to get us a snack and some water. I was watching the girls when I looked up and Mickey was gone! There were thousands of people here. All I saw was a sea of red, white and blue!  I could see an older man watch me as I panicked searching for my son. He could have gotten up to help me but that is besides the point. I ran up and down the hill looking for Mickey and when I didn't see him I texted my husband to come back right away, that I couldn't find him. Just as I did, I saw Mickey in the parking lot jumping over something  in the road innocently not even realizing how far he had gone. Scariest moment ever! I thought we would never find him in all those people. Just then my husband got back and we decided to go without food and water for the rest of the night.

Where is Mickey Story #3 - I was on a first time play date with some moms in the area we live in. I was doing as I always do and counting periodically...1...2...3, to make sure I knew they were all accounted for. They were. I began telling one of my new friends the story about Mickey at the mall and when I looked back maybe 15 seconds later, he was gone...again. All the moms were scouring the park and playground calling for Mickey. Once again my heart was racing, he could be anywhere in this neighborhood. Then someone spotted him across the street in someones front yard, exploring. Did I mention he had crossed a very busy neighborhood street to get there? How will I ever keep him contained?

I probably have so many more stories I could share and if I had kept up with this blog it would be easier, I could tell you about potty training triplets and all the poop and pee I have cleaned up in the last 6 months and how they yell "yayyyyy" and start clapping in public restrooms when they go. I could tell about all the hilarious dance parties we have every day, about how they put each other to bed at night and say to every single older man with gray hair "hi grandpa". I could tell you about the long nights when Georgia wakes up crying and then wakes up Jo Jo and then Mickey and how we pretty much don't sleep after that. I could tell you about all the hugs and kisses  I get every day and the new words they say every day. They know all their colors and shapes, can count to ten and even know most of the letters.

This month they will be three. The terrible twos will be over and they weren't so terrible. Some days were....challenging and some moments my sanity hanged in the balance but then they look at me, say "mommy, hug?" and raise their arms up to the sky and I remember why I wanted to be a mom and wonder how I was possibly blessed with the three greatest kids in the world!

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