Monday, January 12, 2015

My Miracles Turn Three

Well, another year has gone by in a flash. Something I learned since becoming a mother is that the days are long and the years are short. Its so true. Since becoming a stay at home mom I realize this even more. This last year for the babies (toddlers) has been a year of growth. I see these tiny people standing in front of me, telling me what they want and asking me questions and yes, testing me. My babies are growing up. And although they have always had minds of their own, now they are learning to speak them. When they turned two they were still significantly behind in their speech saying one, maybe two words. At two and half, there was not much improvement. Then it happened over night one day in June, they just started speaking in sentences. One day is was three words, then four then I lost count. Now they have caught up to other kids their age. They have been dismissed from the Early Intervention program, something they have been in since they were born. They still have a weakness or two but don't we all? No more significant developmental delays at this time. They are now potty trained (for the most part). Still sleeping in pull ups but that's ok. Georgia goes back and forth with the potty training sometimes, we have to re train her if she gets out of her normal routine but is back on track within a couple days. And they have grown physically! They are still a little on the short side but not to where there is a concern like last year. They are growing consistently every 6 months to a year at the rate they should be. My little preemies are little kids. Lately they love to fight with each other. I think its a battle to see who is in charge. But they also have the sweetest moments. For example Tommy went into the girls room this morning and found both of them laying on the floor together with their pillows right next to each other. They walk around the house, singing and dancing and doing ring around the rosy and without me. Although sometimes they ask me to join in. They chase each other and are so good at pretend. The girls really love their baby dolls and putting them to sleep and feeding them and changing their clothes or pushing them around in their strollers. Mickey doesn't seem to actually like to play with toys, he likes to slam them into the ground or throw them or knock them over, or throw them down the stairs. And where the girls used to tackle and gang up on him now it is the other way around. He can be very rough with them and loves to jump on top of them and wrestle. At the beginning of Spring, these guys could barely climb up onto the play sets at the park and they needed help down the slide. Now they are like little  monkeys climbing up the slides and going down the big ones. I have a had a few heart attacks because they will just go for it and they are quick, but luckily so far, no major injuries. I just have to have eyes on the back and the sides of my head.

So suddenly at age 3, I see the biggest difference in them. They are not babies. They are little kids. For their birthday we had an impromptu birthday party which originally we were not going to do but decided last minute to have a few friends over. The kids really got into it. My friend Amy made them each their own cake and we sang to each of them individually. To see the looks on their faces brought tears to my eyes. For the first time in their life, they understood, it was their moment and they blew out the candles. The next day Tommy and I drove up to DC to see Disney on Ice Presents Frozen. It was a lot of sitting between the car ride and the show but they loved seeing all their favorite characters and hearing their favorite songs. We made it back home in time for a little more cake before the day was over. It was tough being away from our family and friends back in Arizona and Colorado, it was weird but I am guessing that will be the norm on their birthday from now on. We are grateful for things like Facetime, Skype and for the new friends we have made here in Virginia.

Below is a update on each of my miracles.

Georgia Dawn

Weight; 38lbs (94th percentile)
Height: 36 inches (24th percentile)
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Character: Sophia the First and Elsa
Favorite place to go: Dinner

Georgia is still the bossy one and likes telling people what to do. Most of her sentences start with "I want...." or "You are going to...." or "I am going to..." and "Lets Go!". She loves to eat and snuggle with mommy. She can be very impatient but she is still my Peaches. She likes to pretend she is a princess and to play dress up. She loves her tumbling class and follows instructions in there very well. She will smile from ear to ear running around, jumping and balancing on the beams. 

Jolynne Marie

Weight: 34lbs (79th Percentile)
Height: 35.6 inches (16th Percentile)
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Character: Anna and Elsa
Favorite Place to Go: Anywhere with Daddy

Jo Jo is the easiest to please right now. Mostly because she can entertain herself for long periods of time. Actually I think she prefers to play alone sometimes. Most of her sentences start with "Mommy look at Georgia...." and she is very quick to correct me if I say "Hi baby" She responds "No, I'm Jo Jo" (insert sad face here). She is daddy's girl! She can be a somewhat picky eater and is a very slow eater. Sometimes she is a little fearful to trying new things but we are helping her with that. She is still tough though so don't get in her way. She is very smart and good at organizing things according to color.

Mickey Aaron

Weight: 33.5lbs (68th percentile)
Height: 36.75lbs (30th percentile)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Character: The Snow Monster
Favorite Place to Go: The Park

Some might think Mickey is all boy! He wants to be free to run and throw things and tackle his sisters. He wants to explore everything outside. But if you watch closely you will see him comforting a baby doll every once in awhile or trying to wear his sisters dress up clothes. His sentences usually start with "Where's your car"? He is obsessed with knowing where everyones car is even when he knows where it is. He also likes to say "I'm funny" and starts to crack up, laughing at himself. It reminds me of his Papa (my dad). He loves to see his friends and continues to be a ladies man. He loves giving hugs. At tumbling, he has no troubles keeping up with the older kids. He can run, jump, climb just like the rest of them. He also loves to count!

I guess I should add that Mickey is a big fan of Jo Jo. He likes to follow her around. They are pretty close pals. Georgia marches to the beat of her own drum, but seems to make friends pretty easily when we have play dates. Its definitely been a year of ups and downs from a parenting standpoint. I'm learning every day and they are teaching me sometimes instead of the other way around. Funny how that works. But they continue to amaze. To think they were 2 pounds and fighting to survive 3 years ago, you would never know. We continue to count or blessings and are so thankful for their health. These three little people are the greatest gift and like I've said before...the rest is just extra. They have a had a great year and I can't wait to continue to watch them thrive and grow! 

All photos by Limefish Studio

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