Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's happening....

It's happening...I am turning into my mother. Actually, that is not so bad, I actually hope I will be as good of a mother as she is. Although, there was a time, as with most young girls, I swore I would not be anything like my parents. Turns out my mom was right about most everything I thought she was wrong about. Silly me!

We bought a new mini van yesterday. A MINI VAN! I think I told myself a million times, I would never drive a minivan. They are so not cool! SUVS are much cooler. Ha! Well, turns out, SUVS do not have the space we need. They had enough space for 3 babies but nothing else, including the stroller that I have heard is the size of a school bus. Actually, I think someone actually recommended we buy a school bus - very funny! But the SUVS have no cargo space so forget trips to Disneyland. Where would we put the luggage? The Odyssey has tons of space! Its actually very nice with lots of little add ons that every parent needs, a DVD player, mini cooler, mirror that reflects to the back and you keep an eye on whats going on and I did not feel THAT uncool. I think its all a mind set anyway. I could not be happier with our new minivan or the fact that I am slowly turning into my mother and I can't wait for the rest of my family to get here, so I can start saying things like "Because I said so" Ha ha ha.

So, my mom just bought a new sports car and I just bought a minivan. So it goes I guess. Life is funny!


  1. Thank you, I love you too. Does this mean I can borrow your car? LOL


  2. Congrats on the new purchase...and welcome to the mini-van club! Us moms that drive mini-vans are STILL VERY COOL! ;-)

  3. HaHa... The stroller is a bus, actually the nurses in the NICU called it a baby train, lol... We haven't actually upgraded our vehicle yet, we looked around, but I wasn't convinced, I wanted to have the babies and see what we were actually hauling around. Their 3 car seats fit across the back seat of my pacifica and the stroller fits in the back (barely) but you are right, there is no room for luggage!!! Congrats on your new van, it's the coolest car for all triplet moms!!! :)

  4. Congrats on the car! I know several people who have the Odyssey and love it :-)