Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Only Guarantee in Life is Change

The only guarantee in life is change. This I learned many years ago.

After much consideration (and stress) we have decided to put the triplets into day care instead of hiring another nanny. I am really nervous about this but the last couple weeks can’t happen again. We were prepared for our nanny to call out sick every once in awhile but we were not prepared for her to have to leave suddenly and indefinitely (due to uncontrollable circumstances). When we interviewed for a nanny before, the babies were still in the hospital and I was on maternity leave so we were lucky to have the time to devote to make sure we picked the right person. This time we do not and I don’t want to feel rushed into making such an important decision. This way if we end up not adjusting well to the day care it will buy us some time to search for a new nanny and take our time with the process. Right now I find myself rushing home from work to help Tommy who has been with the babies all day by himself and working from home at the same time. And I am rushing out the door in the morning, leaving Tommy with the babies, the laundry, the dishes, etc., to go to work. We have been fortunate to have some friends of the family helping us periodically which has honestly saved us. We are doing our best to give 100% to every aspect of our lives, and each other but it’s tough some days, being pulled so many directions. It’s nothing we can’t handle. Hey, given everything we have been through, we can handle almost anything, but it’s certainly not always easy. When it comes right down to it though, I am not facing anything that other parents out there aren’t facing, trying to juggle it all. This is not a new concept for a lot of you. This is part of being a mom, I get it now. And just as I learned when I was pregnant, I have a new found respect for all of you, moms and dads that is. I am learning as I go here. Anyway, one of us staying home with the baby’s full time is just not an option at this point. So off to day care they go. I feel like we had them cared for at home with a nanny when they really needed it, when their bodies were still premature and their immune systems weak, and during RSV season. Now they are thriving, and the doctors say they are bigger than most 7 month old premature babies. Yay! I feel like they are ready to go into the world and conquer it! In day care they will get to interact with other babies and there will be people there that can play with them and help with the developmental stuff, which honestly, our nanny did not have a lot of experience with. Yes, they will likely get sick more often, especially at first, and although I hate the thought of them being sick, I hope it will build their immune system. I seem fine with this all now; however I know on their first day I will probably shed a tear or two and worry about them all day long. They start July2nd. Eeek. This is a huge change for us. Trusting other people with our precious babies outside of our home where we can’t keep an eye on them. I have to trust this is the best thing for our family though.

We had an appointment with the developmental pediatrician today. The babies are doing so great. Both Mickey and Georgia can sit unassisted for short periods of time, although Mickey probably more so than Georgia. Mickey has two teeth now on the bottom but the girls are still waiting for theirs. Jolynne is holding her bottle on her own for the most part. It’s a little heavy at the beginning but after she drinks a little she does very well. Mickey’s head shape and torticollis is much improved. They do not think he will need a helmet, although he still orientates and uses his left side much more so we need to work with him on that. Georgia is still our biggest at 16 pounds, 6 ounces. Mickey comes in second at 16 pounds 1 ounce and our peanut Jo, is 14 pounds 8 ounces. Georgia and Jo are the same length but not width J at 24 inches long, and Mickey is longer than both of them at 25 ¾ inches long. Although their adjusted age is 5.5 months, their size and development is more like 6.5 months which I am happy with. They will be 8 months next week and I feel like they are catching up. I hope the move to day care will not be too difficult for them. It will probably be harder on me than them I am guessing. Time will tell.

At the end of the day, even with the stress lately, the good always outweighs the bad. If I am having a bad day, I can pick up my babies and hold them tight and know that all is good with my world. Being a mom to triplets, just like everything else in my life has only made me stronger, wiser and with a greater appreciation for family and the little things that so many take for granted. I try to make a conscious effort no matter how stressed I am to stop and be grateful for all the blessings in my life and I try not to get to frustrated with the every day stuff that really when we think about is not all that good of reason to be frustrated, but I have my moments just the same. Don’t we all? This blog is an outlet for me and reminder of all that my babies have overcome. Their strength is an inspiration to me and hopefully others as well. So, that is part of why I write here, to keep all these life experiences and theirs close to mind and close to my heart. I know I am probably biased because I’m their mom but just look at them – they are AMAZING!

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  1. You are all amazing!!!
    sure you will shed a tear the 1st day - but its all part of the circle of life - before you know it they will be off to college - time goes by very fast so make the most of every second and embrace each new event!!!