Wednesday, October 9, 2013

For Sale

It is with mixed emotions to make this announcement, but we’ve decided now is the time to sell our house. Our Ahwatukee home will be listed on Friday October 11. There are a variety of reasons behind this move. (1) The values of homes in Ahwatukee have climbed in 2013; (2) We simply need a bigger house; (3) Who knows how the current state of affairs in Washington will impact home prices; and (4) there are financial reasons for it.

We bought this home – our first home – in September 2009. We got married and had three beautiful children (about to turn 2 years old) while in this house. We’ve upgraded the kitchen, back yard, and the floors while living here.  This house was wonderful for us. We just out grew it. Right now the babies and their toys literally cover the living room. The backyard is full of cacti, making it difficult for them to move around freely – even with the pool fence up. We love the area we live in – the neighborhood, the central location, everything.

The house wasn’t without challenges. The backyard was a disaster when we bought it. The A/C unit somehow lasted 4 years on its last legs. We have the three tallest palm trees in the entire state, it seems, making it fun to get dependable people to trim them every spring. It sometimes felt like constant little maintenance…but I will miss it. We don’t expect the house to be active for long; it truly is “move-in ready” for any serious home buyers. Frankly, the one thing we never got to upgrading was the cabinets/counters in the bathrooms. Everything else we were able to tackle in our four years. Hopefully the next owner(s) enjoys it as much as we did.

Our plan is to stay at Kara’s mom’s house (Linda’s) for the rest of 2013 and save some money. Our grandiose plan is to be able to upgrade into a larger, possibly brand new home with a little more flexibility financially. By January 2014 we plan to decide on a new house or buying an existing one. Either way, we need a larger home where we have the space for three growing children (and space for Mom and Dad to keep their sanity) and some extra money for all the things that go along with it.

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