Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures of the nursery

A work in progress...


  1. Your nursery is beautiful, I love how you coordinated the boy & girl stuff :)
    I wanted to tell you I shared your blog with a friend of mine that had triplets the same time I had my boys. She has identical girls & a boy, she was also told early on she had twin to twin transfusion but all her babies turned out to be just fine and are all happy & healthy. If you are interested, her blog is listed on mine & it's call "This Crazy Thing Called Life" She just started it but, has recapped her pregnancy & delivery so far :)
    I hope you are feeling good and getting lots of rest!!!

  2. Thanks Spring! Just read her blog and you are right our stories are very similar. I feel so lucky to be able to meet other women like you and her who can understand how exciting (and difficult) being preggo with triplets can be! It really is nothing like anything else.