Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Whats in a name?

Well, this is the first week in awhile I have not had a doctors appointment and I must say, its kind of nice. I thought I would take a few minutes, now that we have announced the names, to explain how and why we choose them.

Baby A is Georgia Dawn. I have always loved the name Georgia and ever since we lost my dad 2 and half years ago, I knew I wanted to name my first child after him. I thought, if its a boy, George, of course, but if its a girl, Georgia. I did not know then however we would be having three!! Luckily Tommy liked these names as well. Her middle name, Dawn, is after my grandfather (my moms father). My mother also lost a child (my sister) soon after birth and her middle name was Dawn as well. So, Georgia Dawn is a very special name to me. My dad was the best man I have ever known and my relationship with him was more than special to me, it was one of a kind. I hope to have the same relationship with all my children.

Baby B is Jolynne Marie. Tommy and I had a long list of girl names we liked but this one has little more meaning than the others. Joseph is Tommy's middle name and Lynne is my middle name, so we combined to two and came up with Jolynne. She is a part of both of us and we are each a part of her. We also like that it is not a common name. There wont be anyone quite like Jolynne! Her middle name, Marie, is from Tommy's side of the family. We wanted to honor all the Mary's and Maria's we know and love so dearly.

Baby C is Mickey Aaron, our boy. Mickey is such a great name! No, we did not name him after Mickey Mouse, but even if we did, Mickey Mouse is a pretty great guy! Mickey was another name that was not too common, that we thought was strong. There are a lot of baseball greats named Mickey and Aaron and yes, Tommy thinks it is a great baseball name. If our boy, grows up to play ball, he will fit right in. However, Mickey is not named after any one Mickey or Aaron in particular. We are quite certain he will be his own person and develop his own legacy.

So, Georgia, Jolynne and Mickey will be here is just few short months and we cannot wait to meet them. This past week, I have actually done a lot of reflective thinking. Up until this point, I have been so focused on making it to the next day, or the next week, or the next doctors appointment, so focused on if the babies are ok, I have not really done much thinking at all about the fact that I am actually, really going to have 3 babies very soon! This is weird for me because I am always thinking about the past or the future, but this pregnancy has had me really focused on the present. Its like I have not, until now, actually let myself fully believe this was going to happen in order to protect myself from heartbreak. Now that its sinking in - I must admit, I am getting a little nervous. I know in my heart it will all be fine, but the reality of the surgery and recovery is something I am preparing myself for. Mostly though I have been thinking about the kind of parent I will be and wondering what my children will learn from me. What imprint I will leave on them? I know and think all the time about how influential my parents have been in my life. I hope I can do as good of a job as they did!


  1. You and Tommy will be wonderful parents! Just as your parents have loved you and your sister, your love for each other and your children, will guide you in parenting Georgia, Jolynne, and Mickey (great names by the way!). We are so happy for you all, and love you so much! I wish we could be there with you all this weekend! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love, Aunt Debbie

  2. Hi Kara. I am friends with Spring and I also have triplets, 2 identical girls and a boy who are 4 months old. Your story sounds pretty similar to mine! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and am trying to get caught up to the present. Feel free to read what I have and I think you will agree our stories are fairly alike. I now know how strong the power of prayer is! I'm praying for your three angels and can't wait to read more updates!