Thursday, August 11, 2011

19 Weeks

Its been another great week for us. Tuesday we had another successful doctors appointment, meaning the fluid levels on all babies are looking good for now. I really like the doctor I have seen the last two times we have been in. He seems to have a much better grip on what is happening with me and the babies. He reminded me again that things could change any week, and he will need my full attention when/if that happens but for now we need to envision ourselves having three healthy babies at 36 weeks...gosh I hope I can make it that long. Every week I go through an emotional cycle of worry and stress the day before the appointment to cloud 9 the next few days after the appointment and then slowly back to the worry by the end of the week. What a roller coaster we are on!

We actually bought the bedding this week for the nursery. Pink, Blue and Chocolate Brown are the colors, with stars, strips and polka dots. Its the first real fun decorative thing we have purchased and I feel like I can finally start to see in my head what the nursery will look like. Up until this point, I have been really nervous about buying anything because of all the what ifs. But there is no telling what could happen at any point in the pregnancy and I cant just sit here and do nothing because we are high risk. So, I am moving forward.

I got the invitation for my baby shower the other day. It is the cutest ever! With a french theme, just like this blog. My friends know me too well. They did such a great job on the invitations and now I am really getting excited. All this stuff, I once upon a time wondered if I would ever have the chance to experience and know I am. It fills my heart with happiness. Despite all the aches and pains and worry that come with pregnancy, it is something I have always wanted to experience and am so grateful.

In addition to this carpel tunnel I have and the stuffy nose, I am getting migraines every day, some are worse than others and nothing seems to help. So, next week I am going to my first acupuncture appointment. This woman comes recommended from my doctors office and specializes in pregnancy and reproductive health. I am very nervous as this is new for me but excited also to finally see what this is all about and hopefully find some natural relief to my headaches. I measured my belly yesterday as well and it is 42.5 inches or 3.5 feet. So funny to think about.

19 weeks means I am more than half way to the finish line, and every week I get closer and closer to meeting my babies. I cant wait to hold them in my arms. A couple more weeks and maybe we will share the names with you. Its been so hard holding that back also but given what we have been going through, we want to wait a little longer!

Cheers to another great week!


  1. Congratulations on one more week!!!

  2. So excited!!! Keep the good news coming!!!! Live you all!