Friday, August 19, 2011

Somebody Kicked Me!

I can't believe I am 20 weeks pregnant! I really feel like getting to this point has been another milestone for me. I remember when all I could think about was making to 12 weeks and here I am at 20. I am more than half way there. There is still a ways to go and we still are not out of the woods yet in terms of TTTS, but I am optimistic.

The coolest thing happened this past week. I felt the babies move for the first time. I woke up at the usual 2am a few nights ago and I felt this sudden movement in the upper part of my belly. I knew it was them right away. Then I was so excited I could not go back to sleep for two hours. Since then I have been feeling them a lot more. Its the most amazing feeling. I cant even describe to you the happiness it brings me. The kicks are still not strong enough for Tommy to feel but I know it is only a matter of time and I cant wait for him to feel them too.

I had my first experience with acupuncture today and so far so good. It was not that bad and it did not hurt at all. Once you get past the mental aspect of having all those needles sticking out of you, your fine. So far I have not had a headache today which is the first day in a few weeks. I have not even taken one Tylenol. I really hopes it lasts and this helps. Its pretty expensive and we cant really afford for me to go on a regular basis so I pray this works for awhile. I guess the babies can feel acupuncture too because the whole time I was laying there they were moving around like crazy. This lady said they can feel it but I didn't really believe her and then BAM, they were kicking!

Everybody, and I mean everybody including this lady today and all my doctors say I need to drink a lot more water and increase my protein intake and that might help with the carpel tunnel and headaches. Its like, I drink water ALL DAY long, probably more than a gallon a day and I drink 3 protein shakes a day PLUS my regular three meals. I don't think its possible for me to drink anymore than already am without exploding. I mean honestly people, I am drinking water to the point where by the time I go to bed at night, one more drop and I would be sick. I think these three babies are just taking most of it from me, but that's why I am doing this right. Its all for them!

My baby shower is coming up in a few weeks and I am super excited. My good friend Christie, did an awesome job on the invitations, they are so cute and so me and they even kind of go with the title of this blog. I cant wait to see everyone and celebrate the babies! I don't get out much these days as the doctors have me resting and feet up as much as possible. Sometimes the days drag on, but then when I hit milestones like 20 weeks, it makes it all worth it. My plan is to keep working from home for now and try to make it as long as I possibly can, so I have more time with the babies after their born. I think I want to try and make it through September if things keep going well, but honestly it just all depends on these babies. Every time I think I have it planned out they change the plan :-)

Tommy and I will be attending our first baby care class at the hospital Monday night. I need to get that out the way while I can still move around a little. Then soon after is the first aid/CPR class, although its in September and I am not sure if I will still be able to get around at that point. We will play it by ear. The closer we get the more exciting this is. I can't wait to get back to working on the nursery. Tommy got the chandelier up and he is getting the chest this weekend from IKEA. That is something we decided not to spend a ton of money on.

Tommy has been out of town so much lately I think he may be more tired than me. It sure is hard on me when hes gone but I know it is hard on him too.There are some days he is gone and I don't think I will be able to get myself off the couch. I kind of sink in and then my hands hurt so bad I cannot put any pressure on them to get myself up. Its kind of funny actually.

I guess that's all for now. Babies are moving, we hit 20 weeks, shower is coming up, all is good for another week or so. I love saying that!

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  1. Congrats on 20 weeks!!! 8 more weeks & you're golden. I had my boys at 29 weeks 4 days :) My goal was 33 weeks, although my doctors predicted 30, lol... I'm so happy things are going well. I'm sorry you are having so much discomfort, but it goes away as soon as you deliver them.