Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inching closer toward our dream

Well, tomorrow I will be 22 weeks preggo with these little miracles! We had a great appointment yesterday. When I say great - I mean they are healthy, their fluid levels are good and they are growing at a normal rate. Baby A and C are both 1 pound, 2 ounces. Baby B is a little behind at 14 ounces. She has always been a little slower to grow though and the doctors say its normal. They are less concerned with the twin to twin transfusion at this point which is a relief. We are still at risk for it throughout the pregnancy but as of now we don't have it. They think the fluid imbalance may be more of a placental share issue, where one twin has more of the placenta than the other. It can mimic TTTS but its not as severe, although it does have its risks as well. The doctor even went so far yesterday as to say we may have been "prematurely diagnosed" with TTTS. As frustrating as this is because of how scared we were and as angry as I am that we were told to basically kill one or more of our babies when they were not even that sick, I am relieved to hear it was a mistake and that right now, they are fine. I even get to go two weeks until my next appointment instead of one. Yay!

I have been struggling with these migraines for about 6 weeks now. I get the headaches every day and every afternoon, I am pretty much useless for awhile, sometimes the rest of the day depending on how bad it is. I cant look at the TV, computer, read a book, nothing until it passes. Its very frustrating. A solution has been offered though and so hopefully by my next update they will no longer be an issue. The heat has not been helping and I know I complain about it a lot. I never really cared about the heat before. But when you are stuck inside all day and cant go anywhere, it would be nice to be able to get some fresh air in the back yard, its just not a possibility for me at this point. I am praying for cooler weather soon.

In terms of my restrictions on what I can and cant do, the doctors still want me to take it easy. So far so good, lets not mess anything up by overdoing it. I try to keep my feet up most of the day and I really need to start getting in the pool and doing some leg exercises at night. My knees are really sore to bend and my feet feel like I have been at Disneyland all day. I think my muscles are just stiff. My hands still hurt but its tolerable. Its all tolerable actually except the headaches. All in all I would say I am doing very well considering I have three new lives growing inside me! Every once in a while I get out of the house for short periods of time and that helps.

We have a lot of exciting events coming up! This weekend I am having some maternity photos taken. I am looking forward to capturing some decent pics of myself and Tommy, and my belly. I am getting my hair done and am also excited just to feel a little prettier than recently. It will be nice to be able to show off my stomach and not have to be self conscious about it (for once). :-). Then, the next weekend is my baby shower. I don't have to go into how excited I am for that because I already did. The closer we get, the more excited I become. I cant wait to see everyone!

We will be announcing the names in the next few days so stay tuned. I will also try to add some of the maternity pics if possible. I am not sure how long those take. Tommy and I have dreamed of this moment right now our whole lives, long before we ever knew each other. Our dream came true when we met each other and now the rest of our dreams are falling into place. Our very own family. Every week we get closer and despite the aches and pains and worry that comes along with pregnancy, I cant even describe how happy I am.

PS. The babies are moving all the time now and I am loving it!


  1. Love hearing the great update! Hang in there and enjoy what you can! Seeing those maternity pics will be neat....the babies look great too. Lauren thinks it looks like two of them are punching you! :-)
    Love ya, Ellen

  2. You are getting so close!!! I am so happy for you & so happy to hear the babies are doing well :) My knees, feet, & hands were really sore too. The carpal tunnel went away it seems as soon as I gave birth, the knee & feet pain took a few weeks afterwards to go. I think it was just the extra weight/fluid. Enjoys having your photos done & your baby shower (I never had one - couldn't travel & ended up in the hospital before anyone could get it arranged up here). Hang in there with the headaches, you are doing fantastic and you are almost there.